FTP SMS API Send SMS messages with FTP


FTP sending service works by deposing CSV files via FTP protocole on the FTP account provided by MS Innovations.



Connection Settings

login : Login of your Allmysms.com account
pass : Password of your Allmysms.com account


How to send sms by ftp?

The files must be uploaded to the FTP in the SEND_SMS directory.
The files must be in CSV format and semicolon separator delimited by double quotes (standard CSV file format, encoded in UTF-8). Any other format CSV files will be rejected.

Files formalism :

  • Campaign name, only consist of letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters
  • Date of dispatch to YYYYMMDDHHIISS format (eg : 20140716120000 To send to 12am March 16, 2014)
  • Sending Quality (HQ for Premium and LC for the Low Cost ) (eg: CampagneFtp_20130716120000_HQ.csv)

* Note: If the file name does not match the correct format and is not a temporary file, the file will be declared invalid and moved to the INVALIDS folder.

Formatting files sent by FTP

The dropped file on the FTP server must contain two columns.
The first column corresponds to the phone numbers in international format (+336 for France , 32 for Belgium) or 06xxxxxxxx/07xxxxxxxx for French numbers.

The second column contains the message (maximum 160 characters) to be sent to the corresponding number.
Phone numbers must be unique. The system will automatically delete duplicates and send the last number associated with the duplicate message.

Example of correct content : "33671717171" ; "Content SMS"


We recommend that you test our prior web service with FTP software FileZilla.
Configure a new site in the site managers FTP , log and send a csv formatted well in SEND_SMS folder.