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About AllMySms

Allmysms.com is a professional SMS sending service. Edited by MS Innovations company, specializing in mobile marketing since 2003, allmysms.com offers the most comprehensive SMS tools on the internet, with re-evaluated every month compared to the competition extremely competitive rates. With the customer space available in SAAS mode, with different APIs (HTTP, FTP), you have all the necessary tools to make your marketing operations SMS, your grouped items or automate your mailings SMS.
By clicking on links and buttons "Free Trial" or "Register", you will have access to a simplified form allows you to register for free and without obligation at allmysms.com. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS validation to activate your account and get 150 free credits (10 SMS Premium SMS).
No, you are totally free to try allmysms.com creating an account without commitment, no subscription and no hidden fees. Your account may even be completely destroyed on request email support.
A testing module of our service is available on our home page. By entering your phone number, you will receive a SMS test and can analyze the speed of our service. If you want to test our client area, just register, 150 free credits (10 Premium SMS) are offered so that you can test all the features offered.
If remarks, suggestions or problems, the allmysms.com team is at your disposal to accompany you. You can contact us at any time from the contact section of the site, where a support area in the customer area. You can also contact us by telephone on 0811 69 25 69 (cost of a local call).
All services allmysms.com can be used directly on a web browser, in SAAS mode, without software installation. Allmysms.com is compatible with all browsers and all operating systems.
Yes, allmysms.com is developed in Responsive Design. This means that the site and the client area will display correctly on any screen, regardless of its size. Furthermore, an Android application is available for download.
The proposed allmysms.com interface is extremely simple and requires no special skills. Without any commitment, you can create an account and test our service to verify simplicity. 150 free credits (10 Premium SMS) will be offered.
Yes. All services allmysms.com offers to professionals are also available to individuals.

SMS sending

With a read rate of over 90%, the SMS is the quickest and most effective way to communicate with your partner.
And regardless of the volumes to send allmysms.com offers the best prices and numerous tools to make your SMS campaigns.
According to INSEE, the benefits of an SMS campaign are around 15% on average, slightly more than a television campaign.
The most common uses: advertising, sales, marketing, financial services, loyalty program, information services.
According to an e-marketing.fr study, 87% of those who have set up an SMS campaign felt the ROI (Return on Investment) excellent, very good or good.

To send SMS allmysms.com, nothing more simple. Create an account and login. You can send some test SMS through 150 free credits (10 or 18 SMS Premium SMS Low Cost). Then create your lists of contacts, then credit your account with a pack or SMS directly realize your SMS campaign and pay at the end of command. The statistics will be available in real time as soon as your shipment has started.
The SMS is sent by a short 5 digit number, usually 36180. If you change the sender, the string selected will appear and will reply impossible.
The delivery time depends on the destination country.
The interface for sending SMS allmysms.com makes it possible to send SMS to the unit or mass. You can at the same shipment select a list of pre-loaded contact (see contact management), and manually add additional phone numbers.
Each time you send, you can choose whether you want to send the SMS immediately or delayed. In this case, you can choose the date and time it is sent to the nearest minute.
When adding a contact list, you can add landline numbers or filter them. In all cases, they will not be taken when sending, which relate only to mobile numbers.
In general, the SMS non-compatible type are filtered by our verification mechanisms. If however, you receive SMS with strange characters, it can come from a copy / paste from a document, web page or the body of an email. In this case, please copy the message by hand and try again, this solves the problem in general. If this persists, please contact support.
Through management of comprehensive contact lists on your account, you can segment your items and select only those customers that meet specific criteria in your lists. Thus, you can set your mail to only affect a target audience.
From the time the SMS message is submitted to the mobile operator, it is charged, and therefore also discredited your account.
Yes, allmysms.com offers complete management of number portability and shipments to ported numbers therefore are properly sent by allmysms.com.
Yes, for all sendings responses are automatically searchable in your inbox. The answers are only available if the sender has not been customized.
On Allmysms.com, you can pay your campaigns with your SMS credits (packs of pre-paid SMS) or directly at the end of command, by credit card, bank transfer or check.
No. Once started, an SMS can not be interrupted.
With allmysms.com, you can send SMS to more than 200 countries worldwide, to more than 700 operators. Simply that your contacts’ numbers are well recorded with the international prefix of the country of destination. To ensure that your correspondents may well receive SMS, thank you to refer to the details of our international coverage.
No. When you perform a sending blacklist numbers are automatically removed from your list before sending. Similarly, NPAI numbers are removed before sending.
Yes, a button on the composition space allows you to send a test SMS to the number of your choice before submitting your campaign. We need your account has SMS credits to use this feature.”

SMS messages and Templates

The maximum length of an SMS is 160 characters. Allmysms.com proposes to send long SMS exceeding 160 characters. In this case, the character counter and SMS interface will show you in real time the number of SMS for your message. On allmysms.com, long text messages are received to be concatenated in a single piece by the recipient. Some special characters can double counting.
Here is the list of forbidden characters, all others being therefore allowed :”); ?>
Yes, you have in your client space management message templates module. You can create, edit and delete SMS message templates that can be accessed directly on your space composition SMS.
Yes, when composing an SMS, you can select a template or the last message sent to re-transmit.
Yes, you can access in your retail campaigns all messages sent and the corresponding space.
You can use our option to customize a mail sending. Specifying that certain columns of your lists are columns mail, you can at the composition of your message select merge fields like #First name# so that it is automatically replaced by the value of the field from your list.

Sender name management

Yes, this is possible without additional cost. However, for legal reasons, customizing the issuer mandates the inclusion of the phrase \”STOP 36180\” at the end of the message, which removes 15 characters in it. Managing Custom Senders can directly on the upload page, or in the dedicated menu available in your account section.
A customized sender must indeed follow certain rules. It must be between 3 and 11 characters, starting with a letter and contain only letters and numbers.

Manage your account / sub-account management

You have on manager.allmysms.com a link "forgot password ", allowing you to receive an email with a new password.
To change your personal information, log on to your account and select "Edit Profile" drop-down menu in the top right. You can also select Management-> Account section in the left menu.
On your account, you can set your country of reference so that the appropriations indicated are followed by SMS correspondence in your country. You can also set your timezone, currency and date display format.

SMS campaigns Management and monitoring / Statistics

Yes, in your account, all your SMS campaigns are available, you can also view your stats sending and download your lists invalid numbers.
Allmysms.com retains the entire history of your SMS campaigns, all accessible from your account, regardless of the date of the campaigns, from the time your account is active on the slippery last year.
Yes, you can prepare a campaign and do not settle. It will then appear in the "Campaigns waiting\"
Yes, via API or your account, you have the option to cancel a scheduled from the time the item has not yet been triggered campaign.
SMS sent is a message that has been transmitted to the operator, but we have not yet received the acknowledgment. We can not ensure that the recipient has received it, and it can be in transit over the network. SMS received indicates that the caller has received a message on his mobile phone.
Shipments are usually instantaneous. However, in rare cases, a waiting period can be observed. If it exceeds 15 to 30 minutes, please contact support. Internationally, depending on the country, delivery time may be longer or shorter.

Contact management

No. A modern and handy interface allows you to upload your contacts from text files, .csv files, .xls, .xlsx and determine your segmentation criteria and mailing.
The number of contacts is almost unlimited. Lists over 500 000 contacts are handled without problem. We recommend that you do not exceed the threshold for reasons of quality of use of the interface.
Yes, a black list is available on your account. It is automatically populated by the STOP responses from your correspondents by NPAI accused operators and your manual additions.
No, there is no limit on the number of contacts managed in your account.
When you add a list of allmysms.com, it is automatically cleaned. Duplicates are deleted and formatted numbers in international format phones.
As in a spreadsheet, the management interface list your account lets you easily search for the telephone number of a subscriber and remove thanks to the action buttons to the right of each line.

SMS Credits

SMS credits are a unit of measurement on allmysms.com which allows you to send SMS without distinction of Low Cost and Premium SMS in France, or SMS Premium international.
Removing any notion of currency (euro or other), the credit allows a multi-currency operation, and also allows to offer you a credit price differential depending on the package pre-paid SMS you choose.
Your SMS credits are always displayed on your account at the top right of your interface.Via API, the API methods are also available to give you access to this information.
When you buy SMS credits, they are valid indefinitely.

SMS rates, buying packs SMS and SMS commands

Allmysms.com strives every day to provide the best quality of service while offering the most attractive market prices. Our rates are generally among the least expensive, however, it may happen that you find cheaper elsewhere. In this case, do not hesitate to compare the service by logging in to our client area, and you will find our philosophy: always offer more services and options for the same price. However, if you were not convinced, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email so that we try to offer you a better price than our competitors for the same quality.
Allmysms.com accepts payment by credit card (CB), bank transfer, check, PayPal and administrative mandate.
Creditation your account is immediate in the case of payment by credit card or Paypal. For payments by check, bank transfer and administrative office, your account is credited automatically upon receipt of payment, together with the associated order. For regular customers, payment at end of month by direct debit is also possible.
Your bills are all available on your account, in the "Invoice" section in the left menu. You can view them online, print, email or download in PDF. In this case, the software download Adobe Reader is required.
Is there a risk to pay by credit card ?
Payment by credit card is securised by BNP Paribas and therefore offers all the usual levels of bank guarantee. In France, 3D Secure allows a level of security even better. In all cases, we do not have access to your bank account information, receive BNP Paribas a settlement agreement allowing us to credit you or sending SMS.

Rent a SMS Opt-In targeted databases

Yes, we offer rental database called Opt-In from 0.13 € HT contact, location and routing of SMS included customer data.
No, we only provide databases for rent.

SMS integration

To integrate SMS in your software, just to interface it with our API or Web Services. The use of internet communication links via http or https is still necessary to give orders for the transmission of SMS allmysms.com. Do not hesitate to consult the pages dedicated to the API for more information, where to contact support who will accompany you in your development.
Allmysms.com offers several types of APIs:

  • http API (XML or JSON)
You can find details of these APIs in the dedicated section of the site.
All documentations and explanations are available on allmysms.com in the API section.
No, from the moment you have a valid account on allmysms.com, you are able to use our API and Web Services at no extra cost.

Privacy, Regulations, SPAM and abuse of service

No, you can not send SMS to contacts having expressly agreed.
Allmysms.com agrees never to use the data from your contact lists, as defined in our Privacy Policy, available at the bottom of the page. A confidentiality agreement document can be provided upon request.
Allmysms.com agrees that the number provided during registration will never be shared with any third parties.
If you detect any abuse of service, please contact us via the contact form.

More questions ?

If you have further questions, contact the team allmysms.com

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