A Complete SMS Tool

Contacts Management

Integrate quickly your contact lists, easily manage your blacklists and your segmentation filters. You can also benefit from powerful import/export advanced search functions. Duplicates and wrong numbers will automatically be deleted from your database.

Compose a SMS

Compose your SMS via a simple and intuitive interface, use reusable models and customize your sendings with mail merge fiels ("Hello Mr #NAME#, your car is ready."). A real time overview will give you a clear result of your SMS. On top of that, Premium SMSs can include short links, a picture, a map or even a mobile site.


You can send immediately your campaign or schedule it for later. There is no time restriction, allowing you to anticipate and manage your sendings serenely. There exists various planning options: anniversary SMSs that are automatically sent on your contact’s birthday; your campaign can also be divided in a whole week or into different time slots.


View real-time answers to your SMS campaigns in a dedicated inbox on your manager account. An intelligent system automatically detects the “STOPs” blacklists them.


Get accurate statistical reports of your campaigns and volumes of SMSs sent, with advanced filtering functions. Thanks to those precise statistics, you can find in your account all the details concerning the campaign: deliverability, number of clics, number of STOPs… You can download those reports in PDF format.

Advanced Features

Secured platform, dynamic dashboard, unique credits for sending Premium SMSs in France or internationally, sub-accounts management, lifetime-value credits, numerous payment methods, online quotations and bills, Responsive Design website accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.