SMS Marketing Opt-In List Rentals Rent SMS client files

AllMySms rents targeted and qualified customer files under its offer to send bulk SMS:

  • Millions of Opt-In numbers available to reach as many potential customers.
  • Databases updated regularly for an optimized penetration for each rental.
  • Hundreds of selection criteria allowing you to target new customers/leads.

We pledge to give you a quote within 48 hours to 72 hours maximum depending on the complexity of your request.

By renting Opt-In databases, you’ll be able to target a sample of people qualified on objectives to transmit in the best way your campaign message. develops Mobile Marketing operations through Opt-In SMS giving a facelift to traditional marketing strategies while enriching marketing plans and advertising campaigns.

SMS Opt-in’s Benefits

The SMS is an innovative media for professionals with a lot of benefits:
  • Easy
    • A 160-character message is enough to reach your target instantaneously.


  • Efficient
    • Targeting of users who have explicitly opted to receive these SMS alerts from a base of 12 million people according to socio-demographic and behavioral criteria pushed
    • Your commercial information goes directly into the pocket of your prospects, which gives Bulk SMSs the power that other media do not have.


  • Quick
    • Designed to manage very large volumes, our SMS platform is the quickest tool for the sending of your Opt-In Campaigns.


  • Economic
    • Due to its efficiency compared to traditional techniques, SMS Opt-In has the best ratio efficacy/price allowing you to reach the best ROI.


  • Totally legal
    • Listings of our partners are declared to the CNIL and renewed daily.


Reach your sales objectives

If you want to:

  • Organize an advertising campaign by SMS
  • Promote a new product
  • Conduct a survey to a targeted audience

our Opt-in solution is perfectly suited to the needs of communication professionals .


Our rates are decreasing, no hidden fees and include the routing of SMS.

Minimum billing € 750, corresponding to sending 5000 SMS.

  Rental database + SMS routing
5 000 to 10 000 contacts 0.15€ HT / contact
10 000 to 25 000 contacts 0.14€ HT / contact
More than 25000 contacts 0.13€ HT / contact

Contact us

Call us at 0811 69 25 69 (cost of a local call), a turnkey solution for your budget will be proposed. You can also ask your questions by email.