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0.045€ HT / SMS
  SMS = 450 € HT
Beyond 250 000 SMS/year, contact us

Several payment options are available. Buy SMS packs, pay directly at the end of order or contract a payment formula at the end of month free.
Each formula gives access to all the current options and future customer area and API no additional cost and without obligation, you pay only the SMS.
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AllMySms offers several prepaid SMS Pack to meet your needs. You can also access a custom pack and control the number of SMS by specifying their desired destination. Pack all SMS have an indefinite life.


Opt for peace with the subscription. Send and receive unlimited SMS every month your billing detailed consumption. Contact our sales team for more information.

MEANS OF PAYMENT offers several ways to pay for your purchase pack or confirm your order. Choose to pay by credit card (VISA, VISA Electron MasterCard), bank chek (validation receipt of the check), bank transfer, Paypal
Solutions de paiements multiples


Services Allmysms
  • Contact management

  • STOP management

  • Replies management

  • Real-time acknownledgement

  • Dynamic messages

  • SMS scheduling

  • Accurate statistics

  • Worldwide coverage