Composing SMS

Compose SMS on a simple and intuitive interface

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Through our web interface, you can send your SMS simple and intuitive way, you do not need technical knowledge to use our tool.

Customize the message IDChange the message ID

Change the sender for each sending, you can send SMS with the name of your restaurant, company etc…
Changing the sender of the message, rest assured that your customers will read more easily a message if your name appears instead of a short number.

Manager AllMySms
Manager AllMySms

MailingAdvanced customization of the SMS message

Send personalized messages for each contact, to do this you need a list with columns containing the information associated with your contact.

Then you can write your message through our interface with a special markup. (e.g. "Hello #NAME#, our stores will be open on Sunday")

SMS templatesSave your messages

Save time on your future sendings from our manager safeguarding your SMS templates.

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