Allmysms analyzes your campaigns to improve your strategy


Detailed AnalysisAccess to detailed statistics of your SMS campaigns

View your campaign statistics, analyze acknowledgments to qualify your contact list, export the wrong numbers. With our manager, enjoy all of our statistical analysis to improve your future mailings.

Campaign StatisticsVisualize & Analyze

View in 1 click all the analysis regarding your campaigns and SMS sent. Analyze your sendings for the year month or day. All data is presented graphically and analytically.

Stats AllMySms

History of your campaignsAllMySMS keeps your complete history keeps a complete history of all your campaigns (dates, message, sms answers, status, acknowledgments of receipt).
You can view your history anywhere and anytime from your manager account.

AcknowledgmentsQualify your contact list

Improve your contacts list by analyzing the acknowledgments, you can export your wrong numbers.

Stats AllMySms

AnswersExport responses to your campaigns

You can view and export the responses related to a campaign in the analytical table of our manager.

Visit our section on answers SMS for more details.