Send MMS via Internet

MMS is the multimedia messaging service (multimedia messaging service) system transmitting and receiving multimedia messages to mobile phones.

MMS extends the capabilities of SMS, which are limited to 160 characters and allows in particular to transmit pictures, audio recordings and video.
Innovative mobile marketing professionals, our mailing MMS system is unique, fast, simple and effective.


Why the MMS ?

Because your marketing campaigns need to describe in details your product or service, MMS direct marketing solution has the highest commercial value. MSinnovations allows you to use our MMS Internet software that lets you :

  • create a demonstration video
  • write a longer text to describe your campaign
  • records sound, music

Just like SMS marketing, MMS campaigns have the advantage of being able to communicate directly with the target (prospects, customers, employees) with instant impact (MMS sent MMS is received) that generates a sustained attention on the message as well as the transmitter.
The MMS service is not available on the operator Free

Example of use

MMS video marketing can be used conveniently in a viral marketing campaign to launch a product and create a \”buzz\” with the sending of MMS messages to a specific target a few hours before publication on social networks.

MMS Marketing: price

Here is a list of prices per MMS by type :

Minimum MMS weight Maximum MMS weight Credits Price
0 Ko 3 Ko 30 Credits 0.16 €
3 Ko 50 Ko 60 Credits 0.33 €
50 Ko 100 Ko 90 Credits 0.47 €
100 Ko 300 Ko 110 Credits 0.59 €

Advantages: low cost per lead and strong R.O.I. MMS marketing is a commercial sales force with a high return on investment. The cost is low (from 0.16 euros prospect contact), the budget is under control: it is calculated by multiplying the unit cost by the size of your database. A multimedia message sent directly into the recipient’s pocket raises their immediate interest and remains a non-intrusive method (reading the message is inevitable but the recipient chooses the ideal time for reading). Compared to competitors, the users of MMS marketing stands out among customers, they win leads in a very short time while optimizing costs by lead (CPL: cost per acquisition is significantly lower than most other methods advertising).