Google Calendar API User Data Policy

“allmysms” (the App) is a solution allowing its users to send SMS in France and abroad. This solution is accessible through the website where users must authenticate with a dedicated user account. User accounts can be created freely through the showcase website hosted at

Google Calendar Application Program Interface (API) is used in a feature of the App that allows users to configure reminders (also called triggers) for their appointments. Those triggers will provoke the sending of a SMS, for example when event is created, when an event is about to happen or when an event is modified.
You can find more information about this feature at

The App “allmysms” and all the related websites are developed by MS Innovations – a company incorporated under the laws of France. You can find out more about MS Innovations at

By using The App you also agree to the allmysms Terms of Service, allmysms Privacy-Policy, Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

How We Access Your Data

MS Innovations has obtained authorized client credentials for the App to access Google Calendar data via Google Calendar API Services. MS Innovations keeps these credentials confidential.
In order to access Google Calendar API Services, the App uses the following URLs:

How We Use Your Data

The App is requesting the following Google user data:

  • Data associated with Google account
    • the end user’s email address – to let the App authenticate the user using OAuth authentication mechanism
  • Data associated with Google Calendar
    • list of user’s calendars (id and name of the calendar) – to let you pick one in the App when creating a trigger
    • list of events from the selected calendar (event title, event location and description, start and end time of each event as well as notification time) – our solution scans the events of the selected calendar in order to detect when a SMS needs to be sent (accordingly to the parameters of the trigger)

How We Store Your Data

Data is downloaded via secure SSL connection. The data is not stored to user device’s persistent storage.

How We Handle Your Data

The data will not be transferred to others. The App will not use this Google data for serving advertisements.

Revoke Access

If you decide to revoke access of the App to your Google Account you may use the “Revoke my Google Calendar account” button in the application’s calendar page or the “3rd Party Access” page of your Google Account located at

All notices required to be made to MS Innovations pursuant to this Policy may be made in writing to [email protected] or [email protected]. Alternatively, you can send written requests by regular mail to the following address: 455 Promenade des Anglais – Nice Premier – 06200 NICE, FRANCE