SMS MARKETING SOFTWARE Mass Text Messaging Software

Our sms marketing software for sending web SMSs to mobile is based on the SMS-C technology (for Premium SMS). Communication services, business development and marketing companies use to impact their prospective databases instant, targeted and qualitative manner with controlled budgets.

the marketing department with high ROI

Mobile Marketing

Our software and services enable the integration of a powerful SMS platform for communication and business development services for your company. Mobile SMS marketing is a strategic solution to optimize the costs of your campaigns, with direct impact on the target exploration (everyone reads the messages received on mobile and gives sustained attention to the issuer ) with a lower cost per lead than most other communication solutions and quantifiable return on investment. We develop further innovative mobile applications to complement your mobile marketing strategy.

High quality targeted prospecting

The involvement of your prospects in your product necessarily has a high rate (close to 100% as the current use of mobile requires to ‘treat’ its SMS). Our Premium solution , which uses the SMS- C technology, offers the guarantee that SMSs are sent and then received. The software platform that we provide businesses and professionals is a reliable and it is a qualitative way to communicate with your customers, prospects and employees.

Download and use our sms marketing software software

The software is free to download in your user space. Your registration gives you access to the software as well as a strong support from our team. We have developed partnerships with more than 350 mobile operators around the world to enable you to send SMS for your marketing campaigns through a qualitative high-end professional service in Europe and in many other countries outside the European Union.